Popular Questions

Is Underground Fitness suitable for children of all ages and abilities?

Underground Fitness has a bespoke level system which can be tailored to children regardless of ability and can be especially useful for children with disabilities and in wheelchairs.

Our school have forgotten the password. How can we retrieve that information?

Please just use the 'forgot password' link and a new password will be emailed to you. If you continue to experience problems please contact our team on 0151 632 6409.

Is Underground Fitness aligned to the school curriculum?

Yes, Underground Fitness is written in line with the new PE curriculum and teachers will find lessons and resources (where required) for every objective from Year 1 to Year 11.

Will there be new circuits released and if so, how often?

Every 12 months there will be a new set of circuits available for your to purchase as part of a licence agreement

What happens if kit is damaged or lost?

Kit that is accidentally damaged with 28 days of purchase will be replaced without charge. Lost, or damaged kit will be supplied for at the standard RRP kit price and is available here.

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